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All students should take the following AP for All survey:

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Letter to Guardian

Dear parent/guardian,
As you know, Hillcrest High School is committed to fostering the highest quality learning experience
for its students. As one example of this commitment, the Department of Education (DOE) has
partnered with Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), a national non-profit education organization, to
examine and develop the learning culture within our schools and develop strategies to increase
student participation in challenging high school coursework. Our partnership with Lead Higher is in
support of Mayor De Blasio’s Equity & Excellence agenda, in particular with the AP for All initiative.
To support the goals of EOS and the Lead Higher initiative, we will be encouraging all students to
participate in a brief survey sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday. Survey questions will
address students’ views on their coursework, their school experience, and the ways in which our
school supports their educational goals. Results will only be used to identify students who are
prepared for more challenging coursework, and to build upon academic supports for students now
and in the years to come.
We will also share photos of our students with EOS to develop Student Insight Cards. The Student
Insight Cards provides a multiple-measures approach for informing the important conversations
that help students recognize their greater potential. The Student Insight Cards will provide school
leaders and other relevant school personnel with information for recruitment efforts to identify
students who will most likely benefit from an AP course. If you have not yet completed the DOE’s
“Consent to photograph, film, or videotape a student for non-profit use“ please complete the form
included with this letter and return it to the school.
We foresee only positive benefits for your son/daughter and are excited to gather data that will
enable us to better prepare all students to succeed in reaching their educational and professional
goals. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, or the partnership more generally,
please do not hesitate to contact the school Principal, Mr. Morrison at
We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that students have an opportunity to engage in
rigorous academic courses that support them in their pathway towards college.
Equal Opportunity Schools and Office of Equity and Access

Link to Media Consent Form

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