Eligibility Requirements:


  • The 5+1 Rule: A student must pass five credit bearing subjects and physical education. A senior programmed for 4 or 5 classes who fails one class, in his/her senior year, will be eligible as long as the failed class is not required for graduation.
  • The 10 Credit Rule: A student must accumulate ten credits for the two semesters prior to the eligibility period not counting PE.
  • Student-athletes must achieve a passing GPA at time of eligibility evaluation. The athletic director may submit a Request for an Eligibility Review of a Student-Athlete when extenuating circumstances exit. The principal must approve this request.
  • Students must achieve a minimum of 90% attendance at the end of each marking period.
  • Grade 10- Must have accumulated 10 credits and TAKEN Math and Science Regents
  • Grade 11 - Must have accumulated 20 credits and PASSED with 65% or higher in the Math and Science Regent and TAKEN ELA and Global Regents
  • Grade 12 - Must have accumulated 30 credits and PASSED with 65% or higher in the Math, Science, ELA, and Global and TAKEN US History/Government Regents
  • Medical Form
  • Parent Consent


  • Students can participate in 3 teams as long as they are not in the same season


Hawk Pride Teams