Newcomers Preparatory

AP: Russell Wasden  Email:   (718) 658-5407
Director: Nazila Ramjan     Email: 
(718) 658-5407 ext. 2530
ESL Coordinator: Helena Goncalves      Email:
  (718) 658-5407 ext.  2531
Guidance Counselor:  Jaime Olechowski   Email: 
(718) 658-5407 ext. 4871

"Reach in order to Teach"

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"Opening the door to a whole world of knowledge where every step towards education is a step in the right direction"

Mission Statement

     The Newcomers Institute is a one year English immersion program created for students who are new to this country. Newcomers’ is a preparatory program that serves students who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP). These students may be ESL (English as a Second Language) or ESD (English as a Second Dialect). This program is especially designed with the specific needs of these students in mind.
     Students will receive support in all subject areas by a dedicated and efficient staff who were selected to address the unique needs of these students. Class sizes are small so that students receive more individual attention. Assignments are geared to build upon students’ previous knowledge while accommodating their natural quest for expanding their universe of learning.
     The students in the Newcomers Institute are from different countries and just as they are different, they have different approaches to learning. Newcomers’ will provide lessons that infuse differentiated instruction so that all students will be targeted for success. At the end of the year, students will join the other institutes of Hillcrest as productive citizens in academia.




     Newcomers Preparatory is new at Hillcrest. This is a one year immersion program for 9th and 10th graders who are recent immigrants. Through intensive literature in the English Language, and student-centered activities, students will experience an educational journey that will explore the cultures of all the students in the institute. In addition, students will build leadership and communication skills that will increase their self-confidence and enhance their American experience. Through all these approaches to learning English, the students will have a positive first learning experience and become life long learners.