Pre-Med Institute

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Mission Statement

 To give medical science students a broad, rich and well-rounded education with specific and intensive training in the natural sciences and mathematics that will foster and cultivate critical thinking skills, problem-solving, analytical reasoning and informed decision making.

Hillcrest High School is committed to excellence in the Medical Science fields.  Our Honors Medical Science Institute continually places more students in Bio Medical post-secondary programs than any other school in the city.
Our students have been accepted into many top universities in the nation.  At Hillcrest we prepare you for an exciting future in the medical profession.


        Special Features of the Medical Science Institute 

The Medical Science Institute provides four years of Regents Level Science and Math.  Medical Lab Technology, Hematology, Urine Chemistry, Human Physiology, Histology and Anatomy, Microbiology, Medical Illustration are incorporated into a rigorous curriculum.

Advanced Placement and Honors in college level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, as well as Anatomy and Physiology are offered.

Advanced Placement Calculus and Honors Math are offered with an opportunity to participate in advanced research.

The Medical Science Institute at Hillcrest HS

        We have developed a four year sequence of courses geared for the medical field.  This rigorous academic program is well rounded and includes honors classes in all subjects.

Grade 9
Biology; Math A; AP Global 1-2;
English 1-2; Latin

Grade 10
Chemistry; Med Lab; Microbiology; Math B; AP Global 3-4; English 3-4; Spanish 1

Grade 11
Physics; Anatomy & Physiology; AP Chemistry; Pre-Cal; AP American Studies 1-2; English Electives; Spanish 2

Grade 12
AP Biology; AP Calculus; DNA Technology; EMT; AP American Studies; AP English, AP Spanish