Teachers of Tomorrow
Director: Grace Alli      Email: GAlli2@schools.nyc.gov (718) 658-5407 ext. 3340
Guidance Counselor: Aarti Bhanot     Email: ABhanot@schools.nyc.gov (718) 658-5407 ext. 3341


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Mission Statement

Teaching requires knowledge, skill, commitment and caring.  Preparing teachers takes time and effort.  The Teachers of Tomorrow Teaching Institute @ Hillcrest provides a focus for students in English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Technology and Communications.  These areas will provide a chance to explore the opportunities that await them in the exciting career of teaching.

A full partnership has been developed with S. John’s University.  An anticipated partnership is also in preparation with CUNY Queens, York, Baruch and Hunter Colleges.  Students in grade 11 will have the opportunity to take college-level courses at Hillcrest earning credits at St. John’s University.  Upon graduation and successful completion of the Teachers of Tomorrow Program, students will be guaranteed a seat in the School of the Education at St. John’s University

 *The teachers of tomorrow Pre-Teaching Institute @Hillcrest accepts the responsibility that all prospective teachers complete rigorous programs in Science, Math, Technology, Communications, Young Adult Literature, History of Education can courses relating to the exceptional child differentiated learning approaches, cooperative learning, workshop model teaching, research in education an science.  These are the driving force in the Institute.  All courses will emphasize an inquiry and experimental approach.

The Road to Success Course Curriculum 

Grade 9
Introduction to Occupations:
•Focus on educational careers.
•Designing lesson plans
•Mentoring program with upper classmen
•Fieldwork to implement skills learned with elementary school students
21st Century Technology:
Skill development on word processing
Use of Internet and advanced technology skills
Students will assist subject teacher and facilitate instruction of school technology for all classes.

Grade 10:
Educational Core:
Exploration of educational options
In school guided field experience
Methodology Courses, Child Psychology,  Classroom Management

Grade 11:
Guided external internship outside school setting focusing on:
The Elementary Child
The Middle School Child
The Secondary School Child

 Grade 12:
Guided external internship with college affiliation to prepare students to transition from high school to college. 
Courses in “Teaching Young Adult Literature,” “The History of American Schools and Education”
 All students will participate in school-wide tutorial duties.


**Students will be able to select from the following Advanced Placement Courses:




U.S. History  

English Language

Studio Art


**Students will be able to participate in the following special features at Hillcrest**

Full Dance/Music/Art Program

CISCO Technology Training Center

Virtual Enterprise Business Simulation

Senior Project

Intel Research Program

Smith Barney Research Program

Wide Range of Varsity & Intramural Sports Clubs

College Now