Ms. Ramjan SLC Director

 Ms. Ramjan, Slc Director


Humanities Honors Academy is an Honors College Preparatory Program offering scholars four-year tracks in various Humanities disciplines. All content classes are HONORS (H) which allows students to achieve Grade Point Averages (GPAs) above 100.   The following is a brief description of each track.

  • Writing and Publishing in Creative Writing - writing poems, short stories and publishing a magazine. Learning adobe, and photoshop. 

  • Film Studies - screen films, analyze content for human depictions of global issues and language and cultural heritage, and identify popular cultural trends that pervade teen lives. Exploring genres such as anime, and creating remakes of films. 

  • Journalism - Write articles and publish a newspaper. This includes writing movie reviews, covering current events, identifying fake news from real news, interviewing members from the school community, and exploring the laws that govern publishing.

  • Model United Nations - participate in local, regional and international conferences, and establish alliances with colleagues through moderated and unmoderated caucuses. Research the history of the United Nations and the laws/stances of various nations on hot topics like gender equality, global warming, and ethnic/civil wars. 

Advanced Placement (AP) courses in:

  • Art and Music

  • Calculus

  • English Language and Composition

  • English Literature

  • French & Spanish

  • Psychology

  • Seminar & Research (AP Capstone Certificate & Diploma)

  • And 10 other AP courses

  • Students take a variety of Advanced Placement courses to gain a score of 3 or higher on 5 in order to receive the Capstone Diploma. Students who are successful in AP Seminar and AP Research but not in an additional 3 AP courses will receive the Capstone Certificate. 

College Now:

  • Anthropology

  • English Composition 101

  • English Literature 102, and all other College Now Courses offered in the school.

Community Spirit:

  • SLC Planning Committee, SLC Peer Mentoring, Jeopardy Challenges

  • Game Night, Sports Day, Broadway Shows, Award Ceremonies, Celebrating Cultures


  • Questbridge Scholarship, and Yale Teen Scholars Program

  • Baruch’s Newsies Journalism Conference, Commission on Human Rights


Student Recognition

Phantom Of The Opera Educational Trip

Cultural Awareness: Ramadan Dinner