Student Government

Student Government Urges You to Vote on October 14, 2022

Senior Group Picture on October 19, 2022

What is Student Government?

Key Points About Student Government: 

  • A group of students that are charged with managing a wide range of events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives around school.
  • Some members are elected by the student body, and others may be appointed by the elected officials to help with specific tasks or areas of interest.
  • Student government represents the best interests of a school’s student body and helps shape the student experience on campus.
  • Student government offers students excellent ways to get involved in the inner workings of their schools, both in high school and in college.
  • Students who participate in their student governments are privy to a range of personal and professional benefits, and they can be exposed to a variety of opportunities in school and beyond.
  • Hearing from students who have gone through it before and gaining a little background information on student government structures, roles, benefits and challenges can help high school 
  • Responsibilities and Expectations for Elected SG Officers:
          • Attend Student Government meetings after school to propose, plan and evaluate initiatives to benefit the school community.
          • Attend other meetings assigned to SG during and/or after school hours.
          • Participate in all Student Government events and activities.
          • Responsible for promoting school spirit, unity and respect among the student body.
          • Responsible for recording weekly morning announcements.
          • Responsible for maintaining communication between the student body and staff.
          • Maintain a good academic record, passing all classes every marking period.
          • Refrain from engaging in or promoting inappropriate behavior as described in the Hillcrest Handbook.
          • Maintain a 95% or better attendance.
          • Take minutes during meetings and email to all Student Government officers and to the advisor.

Meet 2021-2022 Student Government President

Student Government President: Gurpreet Kaur

 Student government President: Gurpreet Kaur 

Greetings, students and staff members! My name is Gurpreet Kaur, a senior from the Biz/Tek SLC, and I'm running for student government president. I'll keep this quick as I'm sure you did a lot of reading already. I want to be the Student Government President because I want to help the school. That is the main reason I am running. I want the students to have the most fun this year that they can with all of the activities. My record exemplifies that passionate, self driven advocacy on behalf of all of us. My ability to work with people from all walks of life distinguishes me as the best choice. Some of my leadership skills include communication, delegation, and teamwork. I am able to work with the student body to know and understand their issues and communicate those issues to the administration. I am able to communicate every big and small matter and delegate a solution. Thank you. Choose me, Gurpreet, for your student council president. I pay attention so you don’t have to!

Meet 2021-2022 Student Government Vice President

Student Government Vice President: Asia Hinds

 Student government vice president: Asia hinds 

My name is Asia Hinds from Humanities Honors Academy and I would be honored to be your Student Government Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year. I believe this role would be a good fit for me as over the pandemic I have seen a tremendous amount of growth within myself. During quarantine I’ve developed a growth mindset and gained confidence to advocate for not only what I believe in, but for the greater good. Some leadership qualities that I possess are dependability, empathy, and open-mindedness. These qualities would help me carry out the responsibility of Student Government Vice President because I would be open to any suggestion presented to me by my peers, get anything asked of me accomplished as soon as possible and maintain a positive attitude with others.


Meet 2021-2022 Freshman Class President

Freshman Class President: Udhaydeep SinghFreshmen Class President: Udhaydeep Singh 

Hi, my name is Udhaydeep Singh, I am a freshman and in Pre-Med here at this school , and the position that I am running for the Student Govt is for Freshman Class President. The reason I am interested in this position is because I want my fellow 9th graders to get a little more comfortable in this school including myself, and to like the school more and so I could finally express myself and show how my leadership skills are really like. What makes me the best candidate for this position is that I actually am willing to try and make the school better, and to try to make students more respectful to their teachers, and keep a positive vibe. Another thing is to spread motivation to students so they can do better both academically and socially. Some of my leadership skills are ordering my younger siblings what to do, and where they should go, and I do a good job at leading a group of friends to victory when we play a few games together. These will help me carry out the responsibilities, because I have done it before and it will give me a good amount of inspiration to put my leading skills to work, and to make this school a better place of education. I will stand for equality, fairness, and delightfulness among this school.

Meet 2021-2022 Sophomore Class President

Sophomore Class President: Mashal ShahidSophomore Class President: Mashal Shahid 

My name is Mashal Shahid, and I am currently a Sophomore in the Pre-Med SLC. I wish to run for Sophomore Class President because I epitomize the qualities of a considerate leader needed to allay the effects of these past 18 months: both on our abilities and personalities as individuals. The time has come once again for us to socialize, project our voices and opinions, explore new paths, and work together to form a directed coalition. I will try my best to incorporate fun social events (like dances and trips) in our yearly schedules. My past experiences as the leader of student tutors, assistant director, and stage manager (of drama club) have given me the ability to interact, accept, fathom, and represent my fellow peers. And most of all, my current position as a Sophomore whose High School knowledge is that of freshman's allows me to empathize with the student body, making me a valid candidate for such a prestigious position. I have good emotional intelligence that stimulates positive behavior towards all and is beneficial in teamwork. My high motivational levels will keep the group organized and dedicated to achieving our goals in the face of adversity. I am an altruistic being who will put others before me and lift them.

Meet 2021-2022 Junior Class President

 Junior Class President:     Katrina BelleJunior Class President: Katrina Belle


My name is Katrina Belle. I’m a junior in Hillcrest High School and my small learning community is Public Service/Law. The position I’m running for and hope to achieve is Junior Class President. I’m interested in this position because I want to be the voice to represent the class of 2023 and lead us to success within our school/society. I believe I’m the best candidate for this position because I understand how my generation thinks and process information. We have all been through problems or setbacks that have made us want to give up. I want to be the person that people can go to for help, the person who can uplift my fellow peers and when things aren’t going well, together, we can get the support that we need to succeed. Some of the leadership skills I’ve acquired are communication, relationship building, trust, credibility and reputability. As a leader I want to invest the time into the people around us, so that they can feel valued and accounted for because as part of the Hillcrest community we stand together. The kids/young adults of this community just want to be heard and have someone that is willing to listen, offer advice or speak up for them. We are tired of being repressed and I, Katrina Belle, would like to be the voice to those who are scared, can’t speak for themselves and want to be heard.

Meet 2021-2022 Senior Class President

Senior Class President:       Zena AllySenior Class President: Zena Ally


My name is Zena Ally, I am a Senior in the Humanities Honors Academy, and I am running for the Senior class president position. What interested me in applying for this position would be that I wanted to voice the ideas of all of the seniors, out to the student government, and to know that we have a voice inside our school community. What makes me the best candidate for this position would be how I can work my hardest to bring out exceptional results as I am a person who is organized and who wants to stay on top of her work, and additionally, there are those particular leadership skills that I possess which would be communication skills, creativity, delegating and responsibility skills. These types of skills are what's needed inside student government, and these responsibilities can help me lead out my voice and others in our school community.

Biz- Tech 12th Grade SLC Representative

 Biz-Tech 12th grade SLC Representatives: Qirrat Mughal

I am Qirrat Mughal, a senior, part of the SLC Biz-Tek. I am running for SLC representative. I want to run for this position because I want to help my peers through their high school in the best way possible by making sure their voices are heard. I want them to feel like their opinions matter and their voices impact the future of our SLC. I am the best candidate because I have three year experience of working for my SLC and I have represented us in the past during parent teacher conferences, open houses etc. I have worked for our director and our teachers multiple times and I know most of our peers as I am an outgoing person and make friends quickly. As a leader I know when I must lead and my direction is needed and I also know when I need to step back and follow the lead of a peer. Even when I’d be a representative I would take my peers' voices as a big part of my decision.

Biz-Tech SLC Representatives (10th Grade)

Biz Tech SLC Representative: Nadia Kumar

To be a leader is both a bold and perplexing job. Considering I, Nadia Kumar, am only a sophomore, the question of my competence to fulfill the role of BizTek SLC representative may be lingering in your minds. Briefly stating, BizTek is one of my many passions and I am actively seeking to be more involved in my school’s environment. To be given the chance to apply my ideas more broadly on something that I value is an incredible opportunity. Despite being away from a normal school environment the entirety of my freshman year, I encouraged myself to participate amongst my fellow peers and can confidently claim that with my combined leadership skills and experiences, along with my personal ethics and diligence, I am more than eligible to be the SLC representative for my grade level. Achieving efficiency and viability as a leader is key but losing your sense of community can be easily accomplished in the process. As your SLC representative, I’ll strive to be a team player with one goal in mind: to create a satisfying environment that is inclusive, enticing and erudite. This includes being reliable, determined and expressive. Writing a paragraph about how “good” of a person I am, is difficult to say the least. Being human, I have my flaws. I am not a perfect person. What I am though, is the perfect candidate for this position. Aside from that, vote for the representative that shares your views and appeals to you. While I’d be more than honored to receive your vote, it is absolutely your decision as it impacts your individual experience.