Student Release Protocol

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students who leave the school building for various reasons, the administration has created the following protocols:

1)  For sick students: If a student becomes ill at school, then the school must obtain consent from the student’s parent/guardian allowing the student to be released from school to travel home or to a doctor unaccompanied. In addition, a school health professional must agree that the student is not too ill to either walk or travel alone using public transportation. If the student is deemed not well enough to travel alone by the school health professional, then the student may only be picked up by a parent/guardian or other adult who is designated on the student’s blue card.

2)  For students who request to leave early due to an appointment, etc.: The parent/legal guardian must provide to the school verified written or verbal consent that gives permission for the student to leave at the designated date and time.

3)  When parents physically arrive to sign out students: The parent/legal guardian must sign in at the Deans’ Office and show photo ID. Once the Dean has verified that the parent/legal guardian is present, the student will be escorted from the classroom to the Deans’ office. The parent/legal guardian will then be escorted to the Attendance office where they will sign out their child.

4)  For students who request to leave for religious observance outside of the school building and grounds: In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation A-630, requests for accommodation of religious observances and practices must be submitted in writing to the school. Such requests should be submitted well enough in advance to allow the school to make appropriate arrangements and scheduling adjustments where reasonable. Each request for an accommodation will be assessed individually by the school. Any decisions allowing students 7me off for religious observance during regular school hours will be made by the principal.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact the school. Thank You.

Eliot Finkelstein
A.P. Security/Student Life
718-658-5407 x1600

 Download a PDF of the "Student Release Protocol Letter to Parents/Guardians"