Useful Resources for Students

Helpful Resources

  1. Login Tutorial for 

  2. Khan Academy

    • Tutoring for almost all subjects from videos to practice questions.

  3. Crash Course

    • Consist of videos to help with science and History topics.

  4. NYS Mathematics Regents Preparation

    • NYS regents Preparation. Solution and discussing problems on the past regents exam. Mathematics.

  5. Pre-Algebra - Basic Introduction!

  6. Youtube

    • offers many different videos based on things you may have a question about. ( NYS Mathematics Regents Preparation, The Organic Chemistry Tutor)

  7. Quizlet
  8. Google Play

    • Go on google play and type in shake it alarm or use the clock app on your phone to build a schedule that will help you throughout the day; this is good for time management.

Motivational Quotes

  • Downloading an app called motivational quotes will help you throughout the day because as You are sleeping the motivational quote will appear as the first thing on your screen in the morning to uplift you.

  • The bottom links to some great inspirational and motivational leaders that will help to boost your skills in many areas and confidence building.

  • John C. Maxwell

  • Simon Sinek

Resources for Seniors

Senior Folder from College Counselor
The following link is very crucial for any senior regarding colleges financial aid and scholarships.


Hillcrest College Counselor - Contact For Assistance
Ms. Caruso:
Ms. Herrera:


CUNY Admissions for Students:
(212) 997-2869


SUNY Admissions for Students:
(800) 342-3811


FAFSA help for Parents and Students: (800) 433-3243
FAFSA Home Page


FAFSA CHAT (chat with a representative): Chat with Us


TAP help for Parents and Students:
(888) 697-4372


College Board Advanced Placement for Students:


College Board SAT Score help for students: