Health Sciences

Health Sciences & Software Engineering Overview

HSSE, where we create smarter solutions and better healthcare for a better tomorrow. Health Sciences and Software Engineering offers a NYS CTE Certified Nursing Assistant program that includes:

  • Supervised clinical rotations with training from registered nurses
  • Human Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Students participate in the health Professionals Club and receive paid and unpaid internships in the health field and volunteer experience.

We also offer a Software Engineering Program. The students develop software solutions based on engineering principles and programming languages. Students will create:

  • Mobile apps
  • Robots
  • Operating Systems
  • Network

We have a proud tradition of preparing professionals to help communities as well as individuals by improving health and quality of life.  Throughout our numerous professional programs, we are committed to the social and environmental factors of Health and Science.

Health Sciences Team

Ms. Wyette

SLC Director

Ms. Vega

Counselor for Health Sciences

Ms. Pesapane

Nursing Coordinator for health  Sciences