Teachers of Tomorrow

TOT Overview

Teachers of Tomorrow offers a Small Learning Community with many opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a future in education. Here are some of the programs we provide

Future Ready and Educators Rising allows students to become employable through gaining skills for the education profession through their hands-on experience from the internships and the teaching practicum. Students have to complete 60-80 hours of service for the teaching practicum.

Teachers of Tomorrow is proud to announce our partnership with Future Ready and Educators Rising. With this exciting opportunity, we offer students a four year track which includes:

  • Career Foundationn
  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Child Development
  • Teaching Practicum


TOT SLC Director


Junior Achievement's Purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the world of teaching, business, and finance. Our longstanding partnership has given students the opportunity to participate in programs such as High School Heroes, Finance Park, and Job Shadows.

JA High School Heroes:
Provides leadership development opportunities to high school students who deliver JA programs in elementary schools. This program is classroom based and it includes finance literacy learning sessions. Our students have had the opportunity to visit PS 86 over the years and teach for a day using the JAHS Heroes lessons they prepared with.

JA Finance Park:
JA provides a curriculum for personal financial planning and career exploration for students. This program includes a simulation given to high school students with a more personal focus. Students select their career and define their future lifestyle and financial goals.