Jasmine Nijjar, SLC Director

J. Cancel-Valerio School Counselor- Bilingual Spanish

Helena Goncalves -ENL Coordinator

Humaira Abbasi: School Counselor- Bilingual Bengali

Russell Wasden- ENL Assistant Principal

Global Citizens Mission & Vision

Global Citizens Mission Statement

The mission of our small learning community (SLC) is to produce English language
learners as citizens who are socially and academically prepared to communicate and function in a
global society. Our SLC's mission is to make the transition to a new culture and environment as
smooth as possible for our students. We believe that language is developed using the first or
home language that is spoken in the home and that is used to facilitate the acquisition of a new
language. We support and foster cultural and language diversity and believe that it is important
for students and families to maintain their home language, home culture, and identity. Our
multicultural staff exemplifies our support for diversity.

Global Citizens Vision Statement

In Global Citizens, our vision is to ensure that English language learners have access to
meaningful and rigorous academic instruction. Our small learning community is dedicated to
creating a sense of belonging by building connections and trust with students through celebrating
diversity, showing kindness and support, and promoting tolerance and respect for all students and
staff. Our community goals are to teach and support students through cultural responsiveness,
multiculturalism, differentiation and scaffolding so that students have a value for learning,
graduate from high school, and pursue a higher education.